Friday 4 November 2016

Stunning Mobile Photography - Tips from Best Photo Studio In Bangalore

How to start shooting stunning pictures using your phone..

Tips from the Best Photo Studio in Bangalore(Bengaluru), India.

More number pictures are being shot today than ever before in the History of Mankind. More importantly it is always said that 'The Best camera in the world for you, is the One which is there with you'. That makes Mobile camera, The Best Camera in the world for most of us. Because, we carry it almost all the time to everywhere we go.. 

Any picture is a Picture and a Memory is a Memory. 

However, if you want those pictures to stand out like the below pictures shot by our
 Lead photographer with his phone, follow the tips..

Best Photographer in Bangalore
Best Photographer in Bangalore
Best Photographer in Bangalore
Best Photographer in Bangalore
Best Photographer in Bangalore
Best Photographer in Bengaluru
Best Photographer in Bengaluru

1. How to focus where you want?

In our phone, as demonstrated in the below images, we can touch where we want to focus and the phone will focus where we touch. Indicated by Yellow square. you can shoot without choosing to focus also. But if you choose where to focus, its always accurate. Find our your Phone's method.

Below are two more possibilities for your understanding.

2. How to set Exposure? In simple Terms, how to adjust light ?

Our phone allows us to slide up & down next to the same yellow square to adjust the exposure of the image. Below is the example. Look for the yellow sun symbol where we've slided to either increase or decrease exposure and its effects.

Below are 2 more examples to show what your phone can make and you can make out of your phone. We were trying to shoot the miniature camera in the front. First image was what the phone took. Second one is where we adjusted the focus and exposure to achieve the desired image of properly focused and exposed miniature camera in front.

If you can understand and explore your phone and practice the above two tips, then the possibilities are immense. which brings us to the last important Tip we can share..

3. Edit your images !

This is the most important Tip we can give you. Edit every image that you want to share. In today's world, editing images has become very easy in Mobile. 
2 Best Apps that we can recommend for mobile pictures editing on either ios or android phones are
1. Snapseed 2. Photoshop Express.

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Lastly Composition, Light and the Moment is what makes a Photograph. Those Tips for later. If you dont want to miss our further Tips, Follow us on this Blog or You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Web & Twitter.

Check out our Stunning Photography work by our Award winning Photographer for all your Photography requirements. Contact us for a personal Photography Training if you wish to or if you find yourself in need of a Professional Photography service

Hope this helps you to improve your Mobile photography. Let us know if you would like these tips to be made as a video to demonstrate better. Leave your Comment HERE.

Enjoy shooting better pictures..
Our Memories. 


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