Sunday 10 August 2014

Best children, Baby, Kids and New born Photographer in Bangalore

Best of Children, baby, Kids and New born Photography in Bengaluru, India.

Our Memories studio is the best in Bangalore to capture your little one's childhood. Not just because we have state of the art studio, efficient photographers or we have the experience.

Our photographer Mr Vinay Haalgaar is an Award winning Children Photographer. He, himself becomes a kid when shooting children. He can handle babies very comfortably and he can bring out the natural play of the children out in any shooting environment. Parents feel relieved with in the 5 minutes into the shoot.

Shooting children and babies requires skills beyond human interaction, technical knowledge and atmosphere. We are proud to have an Outstanding photographer of our times to be a Founder of our studio. even though he is in popular demand for all genres of Portraits his heart lies in Children Photography.

Come experience the true magic of children photography and capture those tiny parts of your new-born, the drools, the giggles, the wrinkles, the weird expressions and the innocent smiles of your kids. 

Remember you will never get a second chance to capture your Baby's Childhood.
View our stunning Children Photography work and Contact us for more. 
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