Friday 2 December 2016

Baby Photography | Children Photography in Bangalore

How important are props in Baby or Children Photography?

Yes it is very nice to have lovely and Trendy props in Baby photography. It adds a lot of dimension into children photography. It gives the Portrait an overall push.

However we at Our Memories Photo Studio, believe that the most important thing in children photography or Baby photography is not Props. Its the expression of the Baby and the elements related to that Baby's childhood, which makes the Portrait more meaningful and Timeless than just being a Beautiful picture with awesome props.

Let's explain further. In the above picture, we used an everyday prop of magazines. But this will be truly a wonderful memory for the Baby and the Parents because, this baby loved looking at pictures from magazines all the time and we could document that Childhood story in a single picture.

Our Creative head made this above image to capture the beautiful story for the Baby to document the fact that this Baby loved Fruits more than anything. And the expression says it all. No other world's best props could have told the childhood story of this child better than this.

Using baby's or child's own original toys and activities in children photography enhances the impact of Baby photography and adds more meaning to the memories.

However, we also use wonderful props in addition to telling these awesome childhood stories. Check out our Award winning work of Children Photography and next time when you decide to shoot your Child's story, keep these things in mind. Its about your Child's personalized Story that makes more impact than just Glorious Props.

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