Sunday 30 October 2016

Children, Baby, Kids Photography | Top 5 tips to Moms in Bengaluru

Here are Top 5 tips to Moms, for shooting their Children using Mobile phones !

World of Photography has been swept away by mobile phone cameras. Billions of pictures are shot everyday in this world using Mobile Phones. Especially moms love shooting their little ones using phone cameras. A baby's picture is always cute, no matter the quality of the picture. However, we are bringing you Top 5 tips to improve your Children Photography.

1. Keep the background simple !

It is very important to make sure that the Background is clean and not distracting. No pole or Tree seems to be growing out of the head. or no unpleasant things are in the background.     

2. Shoot from their Level !

We generally shoot from our level where the camera phone looks down at the baby. Nothing wrong in it. However taking the camera down to their level makes the image more connected.

3. Fill the Frame !

We generally just point the camera and shoot from whatever distance we are. Instead go closer and make sure the baby fills up the screen. Zoom with your feet and not your software zoom.

4. Place them off center !

Most of the times we shoot keeping our babies exactly in the center of the photo. Try putting them off center sometimes and see the difference.

5. Edit the Pictures !
Every image needs to be edited at least for contrast, brightness etc. Its very easy to edit images now a days in Mobile phone itself. This image is a classic example shot by our Lead Photographer using iphone and edited on iphone using an app called 'Photoshop Express'. you can also try an App called 'Snapseed'. These are the 2 Apps that are best recommended for both ios and android phones.
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We're sure that if you practice these 5 tips while shooting your kids, your mobile pictures will definitely see improvement.

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Happy Phonography Moms !

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